Troop 24 The High Adventure Troop - 1999 Backpacking Trips<br> by Cascade Bill Mooseker

Troop 24 - The High Adventure Troop

1999 Backpacking Trips

by Cascade Bill Mooseker

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Sierra Nevadas

August 1999

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Roger, Andrew, Peter, Kyle, and Danny

Viewpoint near Loch Leven Lake on the Piute Pass Trail

This scenic and challenging trip went from North Lake up over Piute Pass and down through Humphries Basin down Piute Canyon past Hutchinson Meadow down to the John Muir Trail. Turning north, we took the John Muir Trail past the Sally Keyes Lakes over Selden Pass down to Marie Lake. Taking a cross country route from Marie Lake over to the Medley Lakes Basin for a two night stay at Sandpiper Lake. From Sandpiper Lake we scrambled down to the Bear Cr trail via a route from Lou Beverly Lake. We took the Bear Creek Trail up valley until it petered out and became a high route to Vee Lake. From Vee Lake we headed over Italy Pass and down through Granite Park to Pine Lakes and out the rough (@!!&%%) Pine Creek trail.


Chelan Summit

July 1999

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Andrew at Horsehead Pass

This was an early season hike to the Chelan Summit trail. We "bugged" out early because of the ferocity and numbers of mosquitos.


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