Troop 24 - The High Adventure Troop


For the health, safely, and well-being of the scouts and the scout program, there are several rules and regulations that Troop 24 adheres to on outings:

  1.  A minimum of two adults must accompany the troop on an
     outing or the outing will be canceled .

  2.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed on outing.

  3.  No straight bladed sheath knives(hunting knives),
     or folding blade knives with blades longer
     than 3" inches are allowed.

  4.  No hatchets are allowed on outings.

  5.  If a scout indicates he will be going on an outing,
     and then cancels out after the food has been purchased,
     he will be held responsible for paying his share of the food.

  6.  An adult may not sleep in a tent with any boy
     except his own.

  7.  The adult leaders accompanying the troop on an
     outing may impose other rules as they deem necessary,


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