Troop 24 - The High Adventure Troop



It is the purpose of the Boy Scouts of America to provide for boys an effective program designed to build desirable qualities of character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, to develop personal fitness, and to help in the development of American citizens who:

  • Have a high degree of self reliance.
  • Have high personal and stable values.
  • Have a desire and the skills to help others.
  • Understand the principles of the American social,
    economic, and governmental systems.
  • Are knowledgeable about and take pride in their
    American heritage.
  • Have a keen respect for the basic rights of others.



Troop 24 supports the goals of the Boy Scouts of America and his established the following guidelines to help accomplish these goals. The purpose of the Troop is to help the boy develop:



In WEEKLY MEETINGS there will he time for fun through games, sports and skill contests and "fun nights". The meeting is used to demonstrate scouting skills and to provide advancement opportunities where scouts can work on merit badges or other scout requirements. The boys will also work together in their patrols, planning for the monthly outdoor activity or other projects.

We are an outdoor Troop and we put a big emphasis on the OUTING PROGRAM. In otherwords, if you take the "outing" out of scouting, there isn't much left! Outings are used by the boys to practice and apply the skills they have "learned by doing". The Troop has at least one campout each month and has several special "High Adventure" backpacking trips several times during the year.

Through ADVANCEMENT each boy has the means of measuring progress in attaining scouting skills. The Troop provides counselors who work with the boys to help them earn merit badges. Several Courts of Honor are held during the year to recognize each scouts advancement progress.

PARENT INVOLVEMENT is necessary if these goals are to be met. Your son needs your support and encouragement all along the trail to Eagle rank. The Troop also needs your time for occasional transportation, additional adult supervision for campouts, work parties and yes, financially.


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