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Troop 24 was formed in 1951 to take care of a large area around Martha Lake that had no close by scout troops. Its first charter was issued in 1952. The troop was awarded its twenty five year award 1n 1977, and its fifty year award in 2002 -enabling all boys and adults in the troop to wear a fity-year strip on their uniforms.

With hard work from many adult leaders and boys, the troop survived whereas many other troops in the area have gone out of existance. Traditions established long ago have helped maintain the troop through difficult periods.

One of these traditions is the troop neckerchief. The neckerchief is furnished by the troop as each boy earns rank advancements along the trail to Eagle. Although their have been some minor changes in the neckerchiefs over the years, the basic design has remained the same.

When a boy receives his Scout badge, he also receives a plain orange neckerchief. As a Tenderfoot, a stenciled 24 is added to the plain orange neckerchief. A Second Class scout's neckerchief adds white braid around the edge. The First Class neckerchief replaces the white braid around the edge with green braid. The Star neckerchief is similar to first class except that the edge braid is a two-tone green and white.

The Life neckerchief is similar to the Star except that the stenciled 24 is enclosed within a triangle of two-tone green and white braid. For those receiving Eagle rank, a special eagle neckerchief is given.

Another tradition dating back to the founding of the troop, is that the troop patrols are named for dogs. Another is that scout uniforms are worn on the first and last day of a long term backpacking trip.

Red Fleur de Leis are given to each boy's mother. When a boy earns a rank advancement, the mother is given a small metal replica of the rank award which is pinned on the Fleur de leis. These are worn proudly to the Court of Honors.

Some traditions have died out in the intervening years. For many years, every adult leader or parent who had camped out with the troop a total of 20 nights was awarded an orange felt hat decorated with the troop colors (Green and Orange). Another tradition no longer followed was that mothers in the troop maintained troop spirit and identity by wearing a green and orange Robin Hood hat to troop events.

In the 70's and 80's the troop had a concession booth at the now discontinued Paine Field Air Fair. The operation and maintenance of the booth was a year round affair. Getting the thing set up was almost equivalent to the D- Day invasion. Times changed and the effort outweighed the reward, plus the fact no one wanted to store the booth during the year (It would take up your entire yard). The concession booth at the car show we now do is as about as big as the little cotton candy wing of the old Air Fair booth.

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