Troop 24 Kickass Trekkers<br> Backpacking Alumni of The High Adventure Troop<br> 2004 Backpacking Trips<br> by Cascade Bill Mooseker

Troop 24 Kickass Trekkers
Backpacking Alumni of The High Adventure Troop

2004 Backpacking Trips

by Cascade Bill Mooseker

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Slickhorn Canyon

March 2004

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Shelby at Big Ledge Ruin
Trail Canyon (Access No. 6 to Slickhorn Canyon)

Highlights included several Petroglyph panels, ruins, and Canyon hiking. This was the 5th trip to southeastern Utah for our group, and a return to Cedar Mesa after a trip to the Escalante last year.

March 22:
Explore arms of "Point & Look" canyon (East Slickhorn)/ Camp at head of Access No. 4.

March 23:
Head down Access #4 to mouth of Slickhorn. Hike up Slickhorn to mouth of Access #2 for Camp 2.

March 24:
Dayhike up Slickhorn from Camp 2 to Access #1. Visit Kiva Ruin and other ruins above 2nd Access. Head down Slickhorn Canyon past Access #4 to Camp 3 at mouth of Trail Canyon (Access #6).

March 25:
Head down Slickhorn from Trail Canyon to Camp at Mouth of last major side canyon left above San Jaun River.

March 26:
Head back up Slickhorn to Camp at mouth of Trail Canyon. Day hike up Trail Canyon to Big Ledge Ruins.

March 27:
Start up Trail Canyon (Access #6) before first light. Follow canyon to trailhead and start long drive back.


Seven Devils Wilderness

August 2004

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Fred Descending Trail to Sheep Lake

Day 1:
This was a scenic and spectacular hike into the heart of Idaho's Seven Devils Wilderness. After a long drive to the Trailhead, We got a late start. Finally under way, we headed south and headed up to Lower Cannon Lake, arriving at about 7 p.m. for our first camp.

Day 2:
Leaving Cannon Lake we continued south along the Boise Trail till we hit the Dog Lake Trailhead. Heading up to Dog Lake, the trail is vague because of the 1994 forest fire that has caused many deadfalls over the trail such that it can no longer be used by horses. The climb wasn't too bad until the last half a mile when the tread steepened up the last hill before the lake.

Day 3:
This day was our "Death March" Day. Our destination was Baldy Lake, which was just over the ridge from Dog Lake as the crow flies. We had to head far south to Horse Heaven Pass (a long climb) to get to the west side of the divide. Heading north from Horse Heaven we get wide views to the west to the deep gorge of Hell's Canyon and in the far distance, the peaks of the Wallowa's that we had hiked in 2000. The trip north to the Baldy Lake trail junction was long, hard, and dry - except for a trickle from a spring near Horse Heaven Pass. We were all worn out when we got to Baldy Lake.

Day 4:
This was an easy day. After a liesurely morning, we set out for Echo Lake. We got there in the early afternoon and had ample time for fishing and relaxing.

Day 5:
Another easy day. Back down to the main trail to head north past the Hibbs Cow Camp (nice spring), the trail to Dry Diggens Lookout, till we finally hit the Sheep Lake Trail. We headed up the trail past Basin Lake and then dropped down to Shell Lake where we camped.

Day 6:
Another short hiking day albeit over an 8300' high pass before descending to beautiful Sheep Lake.

Day 7:
Up before sunrise, we headed out early over a climbers route over Goat Pass past Mirror Lake before descenting to Seven Devil's Lake Campground. It was a short but steep ascent and descent but it saved us many miles and an extra day on the trail.



John Muir Wilderness
 - Sierra Nevada, Calif.

September 2004

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Eric & Allison Descending Trail to
the Lake of the Lone Indian

Barney Lake Camp 1

Buckwheat, Shelby, Peter, & Danny

Day 1:

Although it was a short hiking day, only 2.6 miles with about 1200' elevation gain, the hike was on top of a long drive from Susanville with a stop at Mono Lake Interpretive center to get our bear cannisters.

We started at the Duck Pass Trailhead, which is located at the Coldwater Creek Campground out of Mammoth Lakes, passing the trail to Arrowhead Lake (1.0 mi), Shelton Lake (1.7 mi), before finally reaching our camp at Barney Lake. No purple dinosaurs in sight, although we were all soon turning purple from the cold wind blowing over the pass.

Day 2:

We got a late start (as usual on the first morning), but the sun soon dispelled the chill and we headed out from Barney Lake to head up the many switchbacks over Duck Pass.

Over the pass, Duck Lake comes into view. Duck Lake is one of the larger alpine lakes you will see, and the scenic views as we descended to the outlet made for pleasant hiking. We took a long break near the outlet where I tried some fishing (no luck), Peter and Brian found a cliff to jump off into the lake, and Roger got to experiment with his new camera.

The next stretch from Duck Lake to Purple Lake seemed to take twice as long as it should of. In fact it did as I had underestimated the miles to be half as much as it actually was. I was dragging when we got into camp at Purple Lake.

All told a pretty long day, with about 5.6 miles and about a 1100' climb.

Trail Near Duck Pass

Shelby & Danny Heading out

Fording Fish Creek

Eric, Danny, and Brian

Day 3:

We had a big drop from Purple Lake down into Cascade Valley. After fording Fish Creek, we had to climb back up on the Minnow Creek Trail to roughly the same elevation as Purple Lake.

The climb was made easier by the ever increasing vistas back towards Duck and Purple Lakes. After a steep climb, the trail levels off a bit and passes scenic Jackson Meadow and provided scenic views of the Silver Divide ahead.

We decided to camp at Grassy Lake, which is much nicer than the name implies. We got into camp early enough to allow swimming and some fishing. We caught enough small rainbow trout to have a fish fry. As Grassy Lake was below 10000', we were able to have a campfire, which was enjoyed by all.

A pretty fair hiking day - 6.3 miles with about 1300' climb.

Day 4:

Heading out we continued our climb up to a pass overlooking the Lake of the Lone Indian, where we took a long break. Fred and I left before the others and climbed past Papoose Lake up to the junction with the John Muir Trail over Silver Pass. Roger had caught up to us by then, and we left our packs at the junction and went up the trail towards Silver Pass. Fred and I stopped at Chief Lake, but Roger went all the way up to Silver Pass.

Bill & Fred at Chief Lake

We had intended to camp at Squaw Lake, but it was just too barren so we decided to head on down the John Muir Trail as it descended back down to Cascade Valley, where we found a campsite near Fish Creek.

Another fair hiking day - 6.2 miles with about 1400' climb.

Tully's Hole

From Trail to Virginia Lake

Day 5:

Heading north on the John Muir Trail, we went up beautiful Cascade Valley past the many waterfalls that give it its name. It wasn't long before we go to beautiful Tully's Hole, a vast meadow surrounded by ragged peaks.

I decided to try my hand at fly fishing in Fish Creek as it meandered through the meadows. The rest of the guys headed up the many switchbacks to reach scenic Virginia Lake.

The fishing was good for small golden and brook trout. It was a lot of fun for me as I don't get much opportunity for this type of fishing. After about an hour and a half, I reluctantly had to put my rod away and head up the trail. It was a long climb but the scenery kept your mind off the pounding of your heart.

When I got to Virginia Lake, everyone was wondering where I had been. We had planned to camp at the lake but everyone was stoked to go on to Purple Lake (where we could have a campfire) and to head out a day early.

Only 5.7 miles but almost 1700' climb for the day.

Day 6:

I was the last man out of our camp at Purple Lake as I had to doctor my feet. First out were Peter and Brian, who were heading on to Las Vegas from the trailhead. They got going at about 6:30 while I was on my way about 20 minutes later.

I was lucky in that Danny and Shelby had taken a lot of my weight so I was traveling pretty light. There were a stream of hikers coming in ranging from trail runners, hunters, horsemen, and tourist types.

By the time I got was almost at the trail to Arrowhead Lake, Danny came chugging back up the trail to take my backpack. It was a short and nice hike out after that.

A pretty long hiking day - 8.2 miles with 1400' climb.

Waiting for Bill
Shelby & Fred

It took a while to get all the gear packed up, and after a sumptious lunch in Mammoth, we started out on the long drive back, via a stop in Susanville again.


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