Troop 24 The High Adventure Troop - 2000 Backpacking Trips<br> by Cascade Bill Mooseker

Troop 24 - The High Adventure Troop

2000 Backpacking Trips/Outings

by Cascade Bill Mooseker

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Ancient Lakes

February 2000

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Roger at Ancient Lakes

Ancient Lakes was our destination for this winter's hike in Eastern Washington. Roger demonstrates the proper way to pack a "cramped two man tent" into a stuff bag.



Grand Gulch, Utah

April 10-14, 2000

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Roger Discovers the Meaning of "Slickrock" in Bullet Canyon

Two long days of driving brought us to this beautiful canyon in the Four Corners area of Utah. Many ancient Anasazi Ruins and spectacular red rock cliffs were encountered in this spring trip.



Duncan Hill

July 2000

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Charlie Takes in the View

This is the view from the Duncan Hill trail near the site of the old Duncan Hill Lookout. The view is across the Entiat up the Ice Creek valley to the Entiat Peaks - Maude, Seven Fingered Jack, etc.



Paseyton Wilderness:
Buckskin Ridge

August 7-12, 2000

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Shelby, Peter, Roger, Greg, and Danny at Slate Pass

The Buckskin Ridge Trail takes off just a couple of switchbacks below the highest elevation that you can drive to in the state of Washington - the Slate Peak Lookout on peak in background.



Eagle Cap Wilderness:

August 26 - Sept. 1, 2000

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Buckwheat, Dan the Man, Peter, and Kyle at Travers(e) Lake

We met an cowboy and his son near the end of the trip who referred to this lake as Travers Lake. When Fred reached out to pet his old sheep dog, he told us, "I don't think you'll be wantin to do that. He don't take too kindly to strangers". He was also packing an old revolver that would be more at home in 1900 than in 2000.



Massie Lake

October 2000

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Massie Lake Camp

Massie Lake in the Glacier Peak Wilderness is a beautiful spot in October after the larches have turned into their fall colors. You have to earn your spot in this paridise, by climbing a long abandoned sheepherder's route from the valley below.


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